handmade paper with inclusions

Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen Words of Thanks

Sewatahonhsí:iost ken 'nikarihwesha sewakwé:kon. Ne kati' tentshitewanonhwerá:ton ne Shonkwaia'tison, ne wahi rohsa'anion akwé:kon tsi nahó:ten teiotawenrie ne tsi iohontsá:te. Let us all listen for a moment. We will give thanks, for everything that is in this universe.

Akwe:kon énska entsitewahwe'nón:ni nonkwa'nikón:ra tanon Let our minds come together as one mind. Teiethinonhwera:ton ne Onkwehshón:'a Let us give thanks to all people.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Iethi'nisténha Ohóntsa Let us give thanks to our Mother Earth. Teiethinonhwerá:ton tsi Kahnekarónnion Let us give thanks to all waters.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Kentson'shon:'a Let us give thanks to all fish. Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Ohtera'shon:'a Let us give thanks to all roots.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Ohonte'shon:'a Let us give thanks to all plants. Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Ononhkwa'shon:'a Let us give thanks to all medicines.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Otsinonwa 'shon: 'a Let us give thanks to all insects. Teiethinonhwera:ton ne Tionhehkwen, ne ne ahsen nikontate'kén:‘a – Onenhste, Onon'ónsera, Osahé:ta Let us give thanks to the sustainers of life, the three sisters - corm, beans and squash.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Kahihshón:'a, ta’non kwah tkonwakowá:nen - Niiohontésha Let us give thanks to the fruits, and the leader, the strawberry.

Teiethinonhwerá:ten ne Kontírio, tánon kwah tkonwakowá:nen – Oskenón:ton Let us give thanks to the animals, and the leader, the deer.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Otsi'ten'okon'a, tánon kwah tkonwakowá:nen -A:kweks Let us give thanks to the birds, and the leader, the eagle.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Karonta'shón:'a tánon Okwire'shón:'a tánon kwah tkonwakowá:nen - Wahta Let us give thanks to the trees, the shrubs, and the leader, the maple.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Kaié:ri Nikawerá:ke – Othoré:ke, Ná:kon, Entié:ne, É:neken Let us give thanks to the four winds - North, East, South and West. Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Iethihsothó:kon Ratiwé:ras Let us give thanks to our Grandfathers, the Thunderers.

Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne Iethihsótha Ahshonthénehkha Karáhkwa Let us give thanks to our Grandmother, the Moon.

Tetshitewanonhwerá:ton ne Ehtshitewahtsí:' a Entiehkehnéhkha Karáhkwa Let us give thanks to our older brother, the Sun. Teiethinonhwerá:ton ne tsi Iotsistohkwarónnion Tsitkaronhiá:te Let us give thanks to the stars in the heavens.

Tetshitewanonhwerá:ton ne Shonkwaia'tison (Ka'satstenhserakó:wa Sa'oié:ra) Let us give thanks to the Creator (all natural force/power).

O:nen tho niió:re wa'kkwe’:ni. Toka' othé:nen sonke'nikonhrhen i:se ne'e Ia'sewatahsónteren tánon ska'nikón:ra' kénhak tánon tsonhnhiióhak. This is as far as I am capable of. If I have forgotten anything, then you continue and be of one mind and keep healthy.

Now make your own prose or give your own personal thanks. Just drag the words onto the paper...

This site contains images of my hand made paper. The fibre is grown or collected on my property and is processed by hand with collected rainwater. It is cooked outdoors on an open fire.

The fibre consists of sacred plant matters like corn, tobacco, sweet grasses and other bast fibres that are traditionally used by Indian nations in ceremony, medicine and survival. The use of these fibres is an essential ingredient to spiritual expression and acts as a crucial reminder of the versatility and fragility of nature and the human spirit.

"Power is in the Earth, it is in your relationship to the earth." - Winona LaDuke -